CEO Summit 2017

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CEO Summit 2017

Apr. 5th, 2017

March 29 and 30 we held our CEO Summit 2017 at the beautiful ss Rotterdam. It were two very inspiring days where we really ‘Moved the needle’, also the theme of the summit. We had a great time, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences with all the CEOs. It really inspired us. We had a blast!

Thank you for visiting, Jeroen de Wit and Reinhard de Milt of Teamleader, Bert Baeck of TrendMiner, Caroline Glasbergen of FitShe, Sébastien Deletaille of Real Impact Analytics, Robin van Lieshout and Wouter Neyndorff of InSided, Patrick van Hurenkamp, Koen Thijssen and Bart Troost of Bloomon, Thijs Bosgoed of BuyBay, Thomas Goubau of Aproplan, Alex Lisitzky and Nick Poels of Slickss, Luc Deleu of Zentrick, Harald Roesch of Melita, Miguel Veiga Martins of Nowo, Steven Buyse, member of the CVC Belgium team and Anthony Gardner, Former American Ambassador to the European Union.

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