Fortino Capital backs Antwerp-based Slick Software Solutions

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Fortino Capital backs Antwerp-based Slick Software Solutions

Oct. 7th, 2016

Antwerp, October 6, 2016 – SLiCKss, the cloud-based logistics startup that provides solutions to help companies take control of their transportation, has raised EUR 1,5 million from Fortino Capital to fuel international growth and expand its product offering.

The new funds will be used to further develop and commercialize SLiCKss’s vision of bringing enterprise level software to companies of any size and strengthen its top-notch team.

SLiCKss’s Control Tower TMS is a transport management system that could be compared to an air traffic control tower. Instead of aircraft it monitors the flow of goods and costs related to transport, and issues an alarm in case of any exception.

With functionality like integrated communication, real-time track & trace, a free mobile app, advanced automation and geolocation services it helps companies to take control of their mission critical shipments, limit freight spend, increase billing accuracy and on-time performance.

In addition it tackles the complexities of supply chain collaboration and provides users with modern API services so that they can integrate with business partners and digitize their logistics.

“It’s hard to believe that almost 75% of transportation is still being managed by spreadsheets, phone calls and emails,” said Nick Poels, co-founder and Head of Growth at SLiCKss. “Freight transportation is becoming more and more complex, so managing it manually is simply not effective.”

“Having worked in logistics for 6 years as a technology enthusiast, I quickly became frustrated with the technological gap caused by slow adoption of cloud applications.” added Alex Lisitzky, SLiCKss’s CEO and founder. “Our vision is to change the future of transport management through technology. We believe that the industry is ready to be disrupted and our goal is to provide a solution that makes logistics professionals happy, productive and therefore successful.”

“The logistics sector still has plenty of benefits to reap from further digitalization and automation. Freight carriers, forwarders and shippers have a large variety of transport management systems in place which typically don’t allow for real-time communication and collaboration with other players in the value chain. Struggling to find such a solution in the market, the resourceful founders of SLiCKss have developed their proprietary TMS solution that increases transparency, efficiency and allows integration with many of the existing systems out there,” says Duco Sickinghe, managing partner of Fortino Capital.

Founded in April 2013 in Antwerp, SLiCKss was completely bootstrapped without any prior investment. SLiCKss has been transformed from 5 founders sitting in an apartment after office hours to a team of 12 working full-time in an office in Antwerp, serving customers such as DHL, Atlas Copco, CEVA Logistics and Fluor.

About SLiCKss

SLiCK offers a global, cloud-based Transport Management System for companies of any size. We make the complexities of transport management, visibility and supply chain collaboration simple. For more information, visit

About Fortino Capital

Fortino Capital is an investment company founded in 2013 which provides growth capital for high growth start-ups as well as buyout capital for more mature, cash-flow positive enterprises. Currently managing ten equity participations, Fortino’s investment focus comprises TMT, SaaS and consumer goods. Fortino has invested in amongst others Teamleader which offers CRM tools to SoHo-SMEs, Real Impact Analytics which offers advanced analytics solutions to top tier telecom operators and TrendMiner which develops SaaS-based analytics tools for industrial processing companies.

For more information, contact Nick Poels
Twitter: @nick_poels

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