Gainsight completes acquisition of inSided

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Gainsight completes acquisition of inSided

Jan. 10th, 2022

Press Release by Remco de Vries
VP of Marketing at inSided

Source: Insided website

Amsterdam - January 10, 2022 - Gainsight, the Customer Success company, today announced it has completed its acquisition of the leading Customer Success Community Platform inSided. 

The deal pairs Gainsight’s leadership in Customer Success with the power of community-led growth, through inSided’s unique capabilities to drive product engagement and adoption, increase retention and build lasting customer relationships. inSided’s platform is currently used by hundreds of companies including Gainsight,, ProductBoard, Sprout Social, Guru, and Zapier.

“The next decade will see the emergence of a new technology stack that is designed to grow NRR,” said Robin van Lieshout, CEO and Founder of inSided. “InSided has reimagined communities for the age of Customer Success. By joining forces with Gainsight, we have put ourselves in the best position to help companies around the world leverage digital technology to drive all aspects of the customer journey and positively influence NRR at scale.”

“Every technology company wants to increase Net Revenue Retention (NRR) - the number one driver of shareholder and enterprise value,” said Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight. “But achieving this in a scalable manner is the number one challenge executives face. In our research with clients, the top strategy they were using to scale was to leverage communities to bring users directly into the Customer Success process and to connect customers with their peers. We are excited that the addition of inSided to our portfolio now allows Gainsight clients to scale digital Customer Success efforts across Community-led, Product-led, and Customer-led growth initiatives.”

The addition of inSided to Gainsight’s existing portfolio of products creates a market-leading solution that can connect a company’s digital products, customer-facing teams, and client communities together across the entire customer journey.


Acquisition to make scalable NRR growth a reality for any company in the world

If there’s one lesson that we have all learned from last year, it’s that you need to have a digital way to connect with your customers, partners, and peers. Without it, you likely will not be able to continue to effectively deliver value. Not to mention deliver value at scale.

“At Gong, we’ve grown our customer base exponentially over the past 3 years,” said Eran Aloni, Chief Customer Officer at Gong. “During this phase of strong growth, Gainsight CS and inSided’s community platform have been instrumental in enabling us to deliver high-quality customer interactions at scale and optimize net revenue retention across our customer base. We are excited to see both these companies join forces to deliver even greater joint value to customers.”

The combination of Gainsight and inSided will directly put the “Customer” in “Customer Success” as every business now needs to optimize for a digital-first customer experience. 

Through integrated Community-led, Product-led, and digital-led capabilities, businesses now have the ability to deliver better customer outcomes and drive NRR by:

  1. Closing the loop on customer engagement across all stages of their journey
  2. Staying engaged with all customers, without exponentially increasing resources (even the long-tail)
  3. Predicting renewals and expansion revenue by combining community activity, license utilization, and CSM input
  4. Centralizing all customer content, success plans, and thought leadership via a Customer Hub

“Our customers have used inSided to personalize online community experiences and drive higher NPS, retention, and expansion rates,” said Robin van Lieshout, CEO and Founder of inSided. “We’re excited to join the market-leading Customer Success company and further integrate customer communities and customer voices into Customer Success and Product Adoption workflows. The combination of Gainsight and inSided makes scalable NRR growth possible for every company in the world.”

InSided CEO Robin van Lieshout wrote a blog to share more background about the transaction and inSided’s journey so far.


About Gainsight

Gainsight’s innovative technology helps companies increase product adoption and prevent churn by identifying at-risk customers, creating systematic processes to mitigate concerns, and efficiently ramping up engagement efforts. Gainsight’s platform offers a powerful set of solutions focused on customer success, product experience, and community engagement that together enable businesses to put the customer at the center of everything they do. Learn how leading companies such as GE Digital, SAP Concur, and Box use Gainsight at


About inSided

InSided is the only Customer Success community platform for SaaS and subscription-based companies. The platform is used by hundreds of companies to drive product adoption, increase retention and build lasting customer advocacy. Through a combination of customer community, knowledge base, and product feedback features, inSided facilitates customer engagement, discussion, and idea generation. With integrations like Zendesk, Skilljar, Salesforce, Mixpanel, and Gainsight, you can connect inSided to the rest of your technology stack and create a 360° view of your customer. Founded in 2010, inSided is headquartered in Amsterdam with an office in New York serving customers like Gong, Gainsight, and Zapier. For more information visit

Remco de Vries
VP of Marketing at inSided

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