TrendMiner Software is being rolled out by Total's Refining & Chemicals Segment

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TrendMiner Software is being rolled out by Total's Refining & Chemicals Segment

Apr. 25th, 2017

TrendMiner predictive analytics software selected by Total to facilitate self-service analytics and process performance optimization of its Refining & Chemicals segment

HASSELT, BELGIUM and HOUSTON, TX – In the case of Total’s Refining & Chemicals activities, the potential to increase productivity & plant availability — based on easy data exploration & analytics — has been the driver to propose TrendMiner. TrendMiner is a self-service analytics business solution, which facilitates advanced diagnoses and troubleshooting for reliability, mechanical and process engineers centrally and locally.

The roll-out follows successful pilots at the Total Antwerp Platform in Belgium. As a certified OEM partner of OSIsoft, the complementary advanced analytics capabilities of the TrendMiner software allowed Total Refining & Chemicals’ activities to leverage the data infrastructure of OSIsoft to deliver convincing results in improving the effectiveness of its overall equipment.

“We are very pleased with the results which have been demonstrated,” said Bert Baeck, CEO and Founder of TrendMiner. “Total is a forward-thinking industry leader and a pioneer in using TrendMiner at a large scale; we hope that their example will inspire others to adopt a self-service approach to industrial process analytics.”

Improving operational excellence

Total is a global integrated energy producer and provider. Total Refining & Chemicals segment transforms crude oil and natural gas into fuels and polymers.

With TrendMiner, process and mechanical engineers and operators can more easily identify trends in their processes, look for similar trends in the past, fingerprint operating windows, monitor behavior, send notifications to engineering or control room staff and predict deviations in live processes. Immediate access to actionable data analytics insights drive efficiency and contribute to Total’s Refining & Chemicals’ equipment effectiveness. The transparency, efficiency and ease of use offered by the self-service analytics solution were key factors in the selection of TrendMiner.

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