Fortino Capital - Approach

Build on our experience

Our expertise in B2B Software allows us to create value, manage risk, and help drive performance with greater focus and flexibility.

Our investment approach

B2B software is our sweet spot. We look to work with entrepreneurs across the spectrum of Venture Capital and Equity Growth. This allows us to leverage the best of both strategies and invest in both early-stage and more mature companies. The tickets we deploy start at €1 million, and the business has to be headquartered or operating in Europe.

Venture Capital

Private Equity/Growth

Our core principles

European B2B Software,
at an international scale

  • The tech world is interconnected, but it’s much bigger than a single valley – we think globally.
  • Our sector expertise gives us a unique understanding of the dynamics and demands of your market space.
  • Get stronger, more relevant guidance towards your operational and organisational growth.

More than capital,
and more than local

  • Connections matter more than capital – our professional network spans from fellow start-up peers to European blue-chip enterprises and beyond.
  • You’ll benefit from guidance, support, discovery, growth, status, and resources.
  • Our aim is to help accelerate your company towards sustainable international presence.

Believing in you, not just
your business plan

  • Few business plans survive first contact with the market.
  • Our belief in you means you can do more than just navigate the chaos of running and building your business – you can harness it with confidence.
  • Most importantly, it means you don’t have to worry about change or losing focus.

Actively founder-friendly

  • Our help is behind the scenes, but it’s proactive.
  • We connect you with experts and sometimes challenge your assumptions – without trying to run your company.
  • The idea is to help you thrive by helping you identify and explore what you don’t know.