Private Equity Growth approach

Private equity for growing, mature businesses and scale-ups

Refresh your vision and operations, and take your company to the next level.

Our growth equity team helps uncover and enable all the right factors for established companies and entrepreneurs to grow. These will typically include attracting and growing talent, implementing operational excellence, and finding and supporting mergers and acquisitions.

To create these conditions for success, we provide a strategic, hands-on approach.

Whether it’s finding your second act or scaling internationally, we’ll leverage your strengths and our expertise with a focus on revenue maximization, diversification, operational improvements, margin enhancements, and ultimately profitability.

However, the real key to this success is to reinforce your unique value proposition and end-to-end execution as we work to nurture positive relationships with your management team.

We typically deploy minimum €10M initial equity tickets in established companies and scale-ups with the following characteristics:

  • Clear product-market fit within our scope of investment
  • Minimum turnover of €5M, profitable in the core
  • B2B SaaS and PaaS applications
  • Minority and majority stakes
  • Headquartered or doing business in Europe
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