Fortino ValueSelling Bootcamp creates top performers!

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Fortino ValueSelling Bootcamp creates top performers

Fortino ValueSelling Bootcamp creates top performers!

Mar. 28th, 2022

A wind of dynamism and positivity is blowing through the Radisson Park Inn hotel in Antwerp, near the Fortino Capital offices.

On 24 and 25 March, 25 ambitious sales profiles from the B2B SaaS companies in which Fortino has invested followed a two-day ValueSelling Bootcamp. The three goals: improve sales results, achieve a higher productivity and exchange experiences within the growing European community of start-ups and scale-ups.

Fortino invests in sales training

“We invited our portfolio companies to a well-renowned sales training. Individuals or small companies have little to no access to this training," explains Jeroen van Godtsenhoven, operating advisor at Fortino Capital. 

This ValueSelling training is one of our spearheads to accelerate the growth of our B2B SaaS companies because Fortino does more than invest financially. We also want to provide the businesses in our network with the know-how and skillset to become top performers, enable them to hack time, or to grow faster than before. The ValueSelling Framework is such an acceleration tool. In addition, we think it's a good idea to bring sales teams together so they can learn from each other.”


Participants improve their sales skills

All 25 participants are the best in their field and as a result have the drive to hone their sales skills. How does this Fortino initiative strengthen them personally and their business?

“This sales training changed my perspective on sales”, says Malaika Yaro, prospect success team at Bizzmine. “I was not very experienced in sales, but this training gave me confidence in techniques that feel very natural. I like the synergy that is created between seller and buyer, so negotiating doesn't feel like a sales process anymore.”

Lowie Defour, account executive at Teamleader saw an opportunity to validate his own sales framework during this training: “I also find it inspiring to learn about sales in the various sectors my fellow salespeople are active in. I take a lot of this feedback back to my organisation.”

August Vanbesien, sales executive at Mobilexpense, learns most from the questions that reveal the underlying needs and uses this knowledge for his scale-up: “I've learnt a lot here, like how to better interact with our customers. This value-oriented vision on selling is new to me. It has taught me to differentiate on things other than price as is the case in typical hard-selling.”

Luiz Curado, solution engineering & business development manager at Cenosco, also uses these insights for his scale-up: “The software industry changes very rapidly. That's why it's important to me to see how successful software companies sell and promote their product. Moreover, this sales training helps to structure and shorten our sales cycle, thus accelerating our growth.”

Fortino ValueSelling Bootcamp creates top performers
Fortino ValueSelling Bootcamp creates top performers

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