Symbio seamlessly integrated into a network that propelled its growth to new heights

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We seamlessly integrated into a network that propelled our growth to new heights.

Symbio seamlessly integrated into a network that propelled its growth to new heights

Jan. 22nd, 2024

"In pursuit of an investor, we sought more than mere financial support and routine reporting demands. Symbio was in search of a collaborative partner who shared a genuine passion for our SaaS product and understood the intricacies of our B2B market. Fortino emerged as the ideal partner, exceeding our expectations in every way," shares Oliver Zeller, CEO of Symbio.

"During our inaugural year with Fortino, Symbio underwent a significant acceleration in both actions and results. Philipp Remy, Partner at Fortino, and his team became invaluable companions on our journey, contributing their wealth of experience to professionalize and expedite critical aspects such as sales processes, product development, go-to-market strategy, and financial reporting."

According to Oliver Zeller, Co-founder and CEO of Symbio: "With their expertise, we've experienced a transformation in various assets of our business since day one."

Oliver Zeller, Co-Founder and CEO at Symbio

Pioneers in Process Management

"Established in 2006, Symbio, founded by Oliver Zeller and Steffen Ploetz, has evolved from a humble garage startup in Munich to a prominent software company. Our business process management software caters to medium and large enterprises across Europe, the US, and Asia, with major clients including Deutsche Bahn, Siemens, and BMW.

At the click of a button, our users gain access to a customized process flow tailored to their team, location, and specific business transformation needs. Describing ourselves as 'creators of flow,' we focus on fostering smooth, efficient work processes within organizations, ultimately driving cultural change through our B2B SaaS solution.


An Investor with Insight

Symbio's founders envisioned a symbiotic relationship with an investor that mirrored the seamless flow within their software. Upon encountering Fortino, the decision was swift. The alignment of vision, evident love for our product and market, and the immediate injection of impressive expertise, solidified our partnership. This was a critical criterion for us, as we sought an investor who truly understood our niche in process management.


A Network for Accelerated Growth

Joining Fortino's network not only accelerated our growth but also facilitated the recruitment of new talents to enhance our team. Fortino's in-house recruitment specialists swiftly addressed our needs, helping us grow from 38 to 53 employees within a week. Regular consultations with Philipp and his team further bolstered our capabilities, turning challenges into opportunities through an open and honest relationship.


Transitioning without Leaving Anyone Behind

Our growth trajectory was complemented by Fortino's commitment to inclusivity. They introduced themselves to our existing team at the Christmas party before signing the contract, outlining plans and ambitions for the future. This approach provided everyone with the chance to learn, grow, and actively contribute to the transition.


Rapid Product Development

In addition to expanding our team, we accelerated product development, delivering a part of our product six months ahead of schedule. A testament to our commitment to innovation, we integrated ChatGPT into our product just four weeks after Microsoft opened up the technology to partners. As a result, we've doubled our Accounts Receivable this year and positioned ourselves as pioneers in the market.


Looking Ahead to Market Leadership

With our sights set on the future, Symbio aims to be the market leader in five years, offering a personalized process co-pilot. Our ambition is to assist organizations, including medium-sized enterprises, in streamlining their processes, generating ideas, and navigating business transformation with unparalleled efficiency."

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