Amsterdam-based D2X raises €5 million to create pan-European digital derivatives exchange

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Amsterdam-based D2X raises €5 million to create pan-European digital derivatives exchange

Jan. 14th, 2022

Founded in 2020, D2X has just closed a €5 million seed funding round to build a pioneering institutional-grade and regulated options and futures exchange for digital assets in Europe. 

The funding was led by Tioga Capital Partners, with participation from Flow Traders, Fortino Capital, Kima Ventures and Picus Capital. 

While the demand for digital assets has been accelerating in Europe, the infrastructure to keep up has been lagging behind. This new asset class in Europe is still faced with many challenges – from a lack of liquidity, operational risks to the absence of institutional-grade market infrastructure. 

Amsterdam-based D2X was built with these issues in mind, with the idea to provide financial institutions with a capital-efficient and clean exposure to the asset class while mitigating operational and regulatory risks. 

By listing cash-settled derivatives denominated in Euro, D2X addresses the operational risks and the challenging regulatory framework limiting the institutional adoption of the asset class. D2X is designed as a plug-and-play solution for institutional investors with a robust risk management model and a reliable trading interface.

The fintech startup was launched by Theodore Rozencwajg, Don van der Krogt and Laetitia Grimaud with a core objective to bridge the gap between digital assets and traditional finance for institutions.

Laetitia Grimaud, co-founder, said: “Crypto regulation is currently very fragmented in Europe. At D2X, we adopt a regulatory-first approach and align with the existing EU regulatory framework. In the near future, we will leverage upcoming Crypto regulation to further extend our offering.”

In the mission to become the leading market infrastructure for digital assets in Europe, this new funding will be used to reinforce the core team with new talent and accelerate the development of the exchange. Looking to the future, the young company wants to expand further internationally and to new asset classes as part of the wider vision to bridge the gap between tech and finance.

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