Efficy enters Scandinavian market with the acquisition of webCRM

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Efficy enters Scandinavian market with the acquisition of webCRM

Feb. 17th, 2021

Brussels, Copenhagen – 17 February 2021 – Efficy, the European CRM (Customer Relationship Management) specialist, today announces the acquisition of webCRM, a leading Danish CRM solutions provider for small- and mid-sized customers. With this acquisition, Efficy enters the Scandinavian market and accelerates on its ambition to reach a 5% market share of the European CRM market by 2024. 

webCRM is the nr.1 independent provider of cloud-based platforms for customer relationship management in Denmark. They supply and support all sizes and types of industries and public institutions where there is a need to organize sales teams, marketing actions, customer support, management and finance. webCRM was founded in 2005 in Copenhagen and has more than 3,500 clients, with 20,000 users in 20 different countries and a turnover of €5M. 

We are excited about this acquisition as Efficy is an experienced CRM provider in Europe and similar to webCRM, offering a straightforward, user-friendly and highly secure online CRM system that is easily customizable to the clients’ needs,” says Jørgen Rode, founder of webCRM. “We offer simplicity and features and functionality that really matter, and we felt that Efficy shares the same vision.” 

For Efficy, this deal marks the sixth acquisition in six years’ time, allowing the Belgian group to considerably broaden its reach and strengthen its presence in Europe. By acquiring webCRM, Efficy expands its workforce to almost 300 people across 11 offices in Europe, serving a customer portfolio of 8,000 references in 45 countries and a cumulated annual turnover of €35M. 

We are enthusiastic about the acquisition of webCRM. We believe that together we will be in a better position to meet the growing demand for CRM solutions in the whole Scandinavian region, says Cédric Pierrard, CEO of Efficy. “This acquisition was an obvious next step in our endeavor to become a key CRM player in Europe.” 



webCRM is the nr.1 independent CRM provider in Denmark. The company offers a very configurable, easy to use and highly secure cloud-based CRM system. It is an efficient and essential tool for sales teams, empowering them to sell more. 

webCRM employs 40 people in Denmark and Sweden, and has partners in Finland, Norway, The Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom. The webCRM customer database contains more than 20,000 users from over 2,500 companies worldwide in manufacturing, professional services, media, telemarketing, training, property retail and management, IT, consulting, etc. 



Forecasted figures for 2021
€ 35M turnover 300 employees in 15 countries 8,000 clients 205,000 users in 45 countries 

Latest highlights
2021: Acquisition of webCRM in Denmark 2020: Acquisition of INES CRM in France 2019: Arrival of Fortino Capital as shareholder 2019: Acquisition of SumaCRM in Spain 2018: Acquisition of E-Deal in France 2017: Acquisition of DESICO in France 

About Efficy 
Efficy is a software provider offering medium & large businesses a complete, flexible, and extended CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution which helps companies manage their customer relationship. 

Founded in 2005, Efficy is ISO 9001 certified and works with companies from a wide variety of sectors: Banking (Belfius, BNP Paribas, Fortuneo), Insurance & Mutual insurance (Amma, Wilink), Social housing, Industry (CEA, Gradus, Poujoulat), Services, Tourism & Transport (Kinepolis, Geneva Tourism), Retail (La Redoute, Groupe Gautier), Legal, Local authorities & Chambers of commerce. 

Point of contact
Daniëlla Arbyn Havugimana
Press Officer Phone: +32 476 20 05 10
Email: dar@efficy.com

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