FoodDESK acquires Dutch counterpart IIN

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FoodDESK acquires Dutch counterpart IIN

May. 26th, 2020

HASSELT – FoodDESK, an innovative data and software company that supports its customers in the responsible preparation of meals in terms of allergen declaration, nutritional values and food safety, is taking over its Dutch counterpart IIN. After the recent financing round in the autumn of 2019, this cross-border acquisition is the second milestone for FoodDESK in a short period of time.

FoodDESK, founded in 2015, has developed an innovative and efficient solution to provide its customers with nutritional and allergen information. This is necessary for, for instance, responsible preparation of meals, creation of reliable menu and allergen cards and compliance with all food safety procedures (HACCP). FoodDESK distinguishes itself in its unique and extensive database of food products and works with a team of professional dieticians.

Many companies and organisations in the food and health sector still manage their safety procedures in a paper-based and time-consuming way. FoodDESK automates this process and gives its customers access to a database that combines up-to-date information with a team of specialists. In the short term, FoodDESK will also use Internet of Things (IOT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make the system even more effective.

Strengthening market position

FoodDESK is now taking over its Dutch equivalent Ingrediënten Informatie Nederland (IIN). With its certified nutritional information and unique software solutions, IIN is the connection between the producer, the customer and the end-consumer. With IIN, FoodDESK gains even more in-house know-how and expertise.

“The acquisition of IIN is turning us into the largest provider of food safety software in the Benelux and also fits in perfectly with our ambition to grow into a top European player,” says Tammo Van Leeuwen, FoodDESK CEO. “Thanks to the scale increase associated with this acquisition, we will be able to further develop our software in order to optimally respond to the growing needs in the area of food safety.”

The acquisition follows shortly after the last investment round in September last year. FoodDESK raised 2.3 million euros from the Limburg investment company LRM, Fortino Capital and a number of private investors. The company is now using that new cash to take over its Dutch counterpart and to strengthen its international market position.

“We are very pleased with this acquisition”, says Richard Schuurmans, IIN CEO. “FoodDESK is a reliable partner and ensures continuity, for our customers as well as for our employees. Moreover, our approach, target customers and values are perfectly in line with each other”.

FoodDESK’s customer base includes hospitals, residential and care centres, restaurants, supermarkets, bakers and butchers. In four years time, this innovative start-up implemented its technology at 750 companies and organizations in Belgium and the Netherlands. Both in the retail sector and in the hospitality industry, but especially in the healthcare sector. The company is determined to continue this growth.

About FoodDESK

FoodDESK is a data and software company founded in 2015 by Carl Beniest and Lambaerts Sel. FoodDESK provides data and software to comply with food regulation and they ensure end-consumer has all relevant allergen information at hand. FoodDESK has more than 750 customers located in Belgium and in The Netherlands.
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About LRM

LRM is an investment company that develops and stimulates economic growth in Limburg. We provide a solid foundation, allowing companies and projects, which create jobs in Limburg, to grow. Our financial means and economic expertise, together with Limburg’s key assets, create a unique breeding ground.
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About Fortino Capital Partners

Fortino Capital Partners is a European enterprise software investor, managing a €240m growth private equity fund, and a €80m venture capital fund for earlier stage software opportunities.  Fortino Capital was founded in 2013 and is led by Duco Sickinghe, Renaat Berckmoes and Matthias Vandepitte, the firm has offices in Antwerp and Amsterdam. Fortino Capital’s investment portfolio includes Teamleader, LetsBuild, Tenzinger, Mobilexpense, Efficy CRM, and Buybay, among others.

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