Fortino Capital invests in SIMCON to help engineers achieve better results

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Fortino Capital invests in SIMCON to help engineers achieve better results

Fortino Capital invests in SIMCON to help engineers achieve better results

Jun. 18th, 2024

Munich, June 18th, 2024 Fortino Capital, a European-based growth investor in B2B software, announces its investment in SIMCON, a leading provider of plastic injection molding simulation software. SIMCON has been active for more than 30 years and serves hundreds of customers across a wide range of industries and in particular sectors such as automotive, manufacturing and medical technology.

SIMCON, a spin-off from the Technical University Aachen (RWTH Aachen) founded by Dr. Paul Filz, helps customers with high quality and sustainability demands in the plastic injection molding sector to reach better results. Known for its high-quality and sustainable solutions, SIMCON supports customers globally with its cutting-edge simulation and optimization software, combined with consulting services.


Image above: Paul Quick, Ines Oud, Dr. Bastiaan Oud, Dr. Paul Filz, Dr. Michael Gierth & Philipp Remy


SIMCON’s simulation software CADMOULD empowers manufacturers to detect and avoid errors before a physical mould is built. Enhanced with advanced artificial intelligence, the software suite delivers superior solutions, virtualizing and significantly accelerating the problem-solving process. This reduces the need for real-world correction loops, lowering costs and speeding up production. As a result, customers benefit from a faster time to market, improved quality, and flawless serial production.

The engineering plastics market is thriving due to the increasing deployment of high-performance materials. SIMCON serves core industries, including automotive, manufacturing and medical technology with major clients such as Bosch, Continental, Roche, and Volkswagen, who are key innovators in the engineering plastics market. These industries are driving the adoption of advanced injection molding plastic parts for their superior material characteristics. Key applications include metal-to-plastic substitutions for lightweighting and a reduced carbon footprint, as well as the increased use of recycled materials. The growing adoption of engineering plastics in construction and the transition to electric vehicles demand advanced technical requirements, making the use of simulation in injection molding essential.

Fortino Capital has acquired a majority stake in SIMCON and is investing alongside the management team to develop new product innovations, accelerate growth, and expand internationally. This acquisition marks Fortino's second PE-Growth investment in Germany after Symbioworld.

Dr. Bastiaan Oud, CEO at SIMCON: “We’ve already got the technology to meet the evolving demands of the most demanding injection molding part and mold designers in the world, offering industry-leading accuracy, speed and ease of use. Our customers are rapidly adopting our next-generation solutions, which brings the best of AI technology to bear on injection molding, saving weeks in time to market. But this is just the beginning. We’re shifting gears, and we’ve got ambitious plans. Due to their strong track record and expertise scaling up B2B software companies, Fortino was our top choice among several potential investors. We are delighted to be working with Philipp and the Fortino team to tackle the next stage of our growth!”

Dr. Bastiaan Oud, CEO

Philipp Remy, Partner at Fortino Capital: "SIMCON is able to support engineers at every company size in unique ways. Their automation and simulation software is a mission-critical cornerstone for many industry leaders in Germany and Europe. SIMCON’s strong reputation and customer relationships are defined by the software’s simulation speed, intuitive usability and simultaneous analysis features. We look forward to supporting Bastiaan and his team to realize the company’s growth plans.”

Philipp Remy, Partner at Fortino Capital


SIMCON, founded in Germany, is a software company specializing in injection molding simulation and optimization solutions. For more than 30 years, SIMCON has been supporting plastics injection molding leaders globally, working with thousands of customers from industries such as the automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics and medical sectors, to improve the cost, quality and speed of their plastics injection molding projects. Their customers span across industries and sizes, ranging from small to midsized suppliers, to many of the world’s most cost and quality-obsessed OEMs. Website:


About Fortino Capital

Fortino Capital is a European investment firm focused on rapidly growing B2B software solutions. It manages two private equity growth funds and two venture capital funds. With offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany, Fortino supports exceptional and ambitious entrepreneurs across Europe. The private equity growth portfolio of Fortino Capital includes Addactis (BE), VanRoey (BE), BizzMine (BE), MobileXpense (BE), Efficy CRM (BE), Cerrix (NL) Tenzinger (NL), SpeakUp (NL), Cenosco (NL), Maxxton (NL), and Bonitasoft (FR). Fortino's venture capital portfolio includes Vertuoza (BE), TechWolf (BE), Zaion (FR), Salonkee (LUX), Sides (DE), D2X (NL), Altura (NL), Billy Grace (NL), Peers (DE), and Kosli (NO).

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