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We partner with exceptional B2B Software entrepreneurs across Northwestern Europe.

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Our focus

Since 2013, we’ve been driven by the one goal of supporting businesses that can clearly make a difference in their space. We invest in early- and mid-cycle B2B SaaS businesses to enable them in their growth.

Our people

Fortino is a leading B2B software venture capital and growth equity firm with offices in Antwerp and Amsterdam. We leverage our international network, C-level, and entrepreneurial experience to help European SaaS companies scale faster and more sustainably than the competition.

Are you...

A start-up?

Our Venture Capital team provides early-stage funding to B2B software businesses seeking strategic and operational support. We also support them with access to our international network of entrepreneurs, blue-chip executives, and expert advisors.

An equity growth company?

Our Growth Equity team helps more mature companies supercharge their growth by deploying capital towards business development and expansion, both organically and via M&A.

Our portfolio

Meet the entrepreneurs and game changers.

  • CEO, Sibren Missiaen

    BizzMine developed a flexible workflow platform to streamline all quality management processes, for instance document control, complaints management, training, audits, ... 

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  • Bloomon CEO, Bart Troost

    Bloomon is a luxury online flower shop, working directly with growers to deliver fresher, longer-lasting flowers more cheaply to their customers.

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  • Miguel Valdés-Faura, CEO and co-founder

    Bonitasoft is a leading software company active in the field of Digital Process Automation and Intelligent Business Process Management.

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  • Machiel Tiddens, CEO

    BuyBay is a B2B tech company that helps manufacturers, distributors, and e-tailers resell their returned goods.

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  • Jan Poulsen, CEO Cenosco

    Cenosco develops and provides web-based Asset Integrity Management software for engineering companies.

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  • Theodore Rozencwajg, CEO

    Trade derivatives on digital assets on the institutional EU-regulated exchange.

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  • Dobco Medical Systems

    Dobco’s PACSonWEB is a native cloud based medical imaging platform.

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  • Cédric Pierrard, CEO

    Efficy offers a flexible, all-in-one Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for medium and large enterprises, supporting its users by transforming customer data into customer knowledge.

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  • Jean-Baptiste Clouard, CEO

    Flowlity allows you to forecast demand, optimize inventories and plan replenishments end to end for your supply chain.

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  • Tammo Van Leeuwen, CEO

    FoodDESK is a food safety database and software company that helps food providers automate and manage their HACCP compliance.

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  • Mark Brosnan, CEO

    Getvisibility enables businesses to have a single, unified view of all their structured and unstructured data.

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  • Robin Van Lieshout, CEO

    Insided develops and provides a cloud-based, customer self-service solution for high-growth European TMT and Consumer Tech enterprises.

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  • Cyril Daloz, CEO

    iObeya is a leading Enterprise Visual Management software provider.

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  • Christoph Auer-Welshbach and Dominik Blattner, Co-CEO's

    Kaizo is a Workforce Performance Management (WPM) platform leading the charge towards improving the performance of customer support teams around the globe.

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  • Letsbuild management

    LetsBuild is an end-to-end digital platform for construction companies.

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  • Jean-Pierre Mampaey, CEO

    Maxxton (CEO Ruben de Looff) and Stardekk (CEO Vincent Goemaere), who together make up Hospitality Cloud Solutions, are both established leaders in the hospitality software sector.

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  • Harald Roesch, CEO

    Melita is the leading telecommunications operator in Malta.

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  •  Thibaud De Keyzer, CEO

    MobileXpense provides a secure, cloud-based corporate travel and expense management platform.

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  • Hans Lesscher, CEO

    Odin Groep specialises in IT solutions, cloud hosting, security, managed services, and consultancy for both healthcare and primary education.

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  • Ben Schrauwen, CEO

    Oqton is a software company that specialises in AI-powered solutions for the manufacturing industry.

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  • Founders Elisa Hertzler (CEO) and Dr. David Topf

    Peers has developed an AI based online learning and development platform, which empowers employees to upskill and/or reskill themselves supporting them to progress in their careers. The company was founded in 2019 by Elisa Hertzler and Dr. David Topf.

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  • Founders Christophe Castan, Emile Fyon, Benoit Decoene and Matthieu Sieben

    Penbox serves customers in the insurance industry with a ready-to-use platform to facilitate the collection of structured customer data.

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  • Ewout Meyns, CEO

    PieSync is a cloud-based SaaS application that synchronises your customer data across all of your business apps, two-ways and in real-time.

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  • Alberto Pelliccione, CEO

    ReaQta is Europe’s Autonomous Detection & Response platform, built by a group of cyber security experts and AI researchers with backgrounds in government intelligence operations.

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  • Co-founders, Ferdinand Goetzen and Marcel Hagedoorn

    Reveall enables companies to understand and optimize the customer experience by creating a centralised system of record for customer insights, which can be used for customer journey mapping and product design prioritization capabilities inside the same platform.

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  • Sébastien Leempoel, CEO

    RIAKTR offers end-to-end big data applications for global telecom operators.

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  • Tom Michels, CEO

    Salonkee offers an end-to-end digital solution for all processes within a salon, from booking, to point of sale, over stock management up to marketing management. Salonkee is active in Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland today and has aspirations to grow further into the category leader in continental Europe.

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  • Dominique Galloy, CEO

    Sigma Conso provides Corporate Performance Management software, training, and advisory services.

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  • SimplyDelivery

    SimplyDelivery provides an operational software stack that enables physical restaurants, ghost kitchens and e-grocery businesses to digitize their value chain.

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  • Nick Poels, CEO

    Supplystack provides cloud-based transport management software to small or large shipment and logistics service providers.

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  • Jeroen De Wit, CEO

    Teamleader is a leading CRM, planning, and invoicing software for SMEs in Belgium and France.

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  • Andreas De Neve, CEO

    TechWolf is an AI technology startup building the world's foremost platform for large companies to leverage their workforce's skills.

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  • Boris Hololtcheff, CEO

    The Tenzinger Group provides innovative healthcare ICT solutions, support services, and high-quality data.

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  • Bert Baeck, CEO

    Tame unreliable data, reduce overall data downtime, and make time series analytics more trustworthy with Timeseer.AI.

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  • Bert Baeck, CEO

    TrendMiner provides discovery, diagnostic, and predictive analytics software for the process industry.

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  • Vaultspeed management

    Vaultspeed's data warehouse automation solution speeds up the process of data integration through a best in class tool built on the Data Vault 2.0 methodology.

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  • Tim Dierrckxsens, CEO

    Venly is a blockchain-agnostic technology provider with wallet, NFT, and marketplace solutions, among others. It is mainly focussed on the gaming and ecommerce sector.

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  • Franze Fodéré, CEO

    Zaion’s AI technology automates the processing of high-volume conversations to improve customer relations. In this way Zaion helps its clients to meet today’s customer expectations while reducing their contact center costs by up to 30%.

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  • Frederik Neus, CEO

    Zentrick builds technology that allows ad tech companies to deliver effective video advertising.

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