Product Managers share their ideas on the Product Leadership Summit

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Product Managers share their ideas on the Product Leadership Summit

Product Managers share their ideas on the Product Leadership Summit

Oct. 19th, 2022

Fortino Capital brought its community together to learn and share experiences. Product leaders from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium came together for the Product Leadership Summit. Each of the attendees received tools and insights to accelerate their scale-up's product development and growth.


"As product directors, we rarely see our colleagues. This Product Leadership Summit was therefore a unique opportunity. I am extremely grateful to our investor Fortino Capital for this. It's great to exchange experiences, challenges and solutions with colleagues from B2B SaaS companies”, stated Chief Product Officer at Maxxton, Ankita Saxena.

The CPO’s of the Fortino scale-ups were guided for a day by specialists and people experienced in creating successful products.The experienced speakers worked towards one goal: to accelerate the growth of these companies. 

Among others, Wilco van Duinkerken, CTPO at, talked about how they grew their product teams by 100 members every month. Ferdinand Goetzen, co-founder of Reveall, shared his effective method for developing only for the best customers from now on. Geoffroy De Cooman talked about his better and lesser experiences in founding and scaling up Proxyclick.


Unique opportunity to discuss challenges

The speakers' expertise and experiences encouraged participants to improve their product and develop fors more efficiently. In doing so, the exchange of experiences with peers is invaluable.

The Product Leadership Summit gave these product leaders the opportunity to connect, share and learn from each other.

"Our biggest problem is keeping focus. We tend to try to do everything at once, instead of focusing on 1 or 2 problems and solving them first," says Arriejanne Brouwer, Manager Product Management at Tenzinger. "This Product Leadership Summit by Fortino helps me with that. Because here I learned from problems, challenges, mistakes and solutions from my fellow product managers."

Jeroen Van Hautte, co-founder, CTO and CPO at TechWolf, also experienced this added value at his first Product Summit: "It's great to meet other product leaders. Yesterday during the cooking workshop, we were already immediately talking about the challenges we have and how we solve them. There are few events where you can find this exchange with people who are in a very similar situation to me."

Among other things, Jeroen takes a new strategic insight with him to Ghent: "I learned how other companies turn an API into a business driver. Our company is API-first. So it is very fascinating to see how other companies have an API strategy that makes them grow faster."

On to the next leadership get together!

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