NEXT Acquires Reveall, Creating an AI-Powered Product Discovery Frontrunner

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NEXT Acquires Reveall, Creating an AI-Powered Product Discovery Frontrunner

NEXT Acquires Reveall, Creating an AI-Powered Product Discovery Frontrunner

Nov. 7th, 2023

Amsterdam, Netherlands — In a defining move, AI-powered product discovery platform NEXT acquires Reveall, the breakthrough customer insights platform based out of Amsterdam. The deal reinforces NEXT's frontrunner position in the rapidly evolving and growing market for product discovery and user research platforms.

Founded in 2021, Reveall was quick to earn a reputation as a disruptor in the space. Co-founded by Ferdinand Goetzen, Marcel Hagedoorn, and Dwayne Pascal, the platform raised $1.5M in pre-seed financing from Fortino Capital and Dutch Founders Fund shortly after launching. Named as one of Europe's most exciting startups by SaaStock and EU Startups, Reveall is used by top product teams at companies like Albert Heijn, PostNL, Signify, Papercut and the Dutch Government.

NEXT's trailblazing AI-powered platform transforms the way product teams collect, consume, and act on customer insights. Whether it’s to validate day-to-day product decisions or big picture ideas - NEXT puts product discovery on autopilot and lets teams build better products, accelerate time to market, and spend less on development costs. Founded by Moodi Mahmoudi and Ronny Roeller, NEXT is trusted by Deloitte, Autodesk, Bosch, Canon, and hundreds of other teams. Investors include Mike Hayes (COO of VMware), Andy Phillipps (former CEO at Priceline), Tim Bovard (Search Fund Accelerator), Bjorn Linder, Satesh Melwani, and Blibros.

The acquisition is rooted in NEXT and Reveall's shared product-led growth (PLG) DNA and their closely aligned missions to let product teams transform their customer interactions into actionable product insights.

"By joining forces, we're tapping into the full potential of Generative AI (GenAI) in the user research and customer insights space. We’re excited to join forces with NEXT to help build the next generation of platforms in this market" said Ferdinand Goetzen, CEO and Co-Founder of Reveall.

Ferdinand Goetzen, co-founder and CEO of Reveall

Moodi Mahmoudi, CEO and Co-Founder of NEXT, said: "In today's competitive market, a company's success hinges on how quickly and accurately it identifies new customer needs and ships products. It's incredible to think about the opportunity ahead of us in the product discovery category and we couldn't be happier to partner with Reveall in our mission to help teams bring their customers into every product decision.”


About NEXT

NEXT is an AI-powered product discovery platform that turns customer interactions into product insights. NEXT collects customer interactions, accurately understands these interactions, and delivers insights teams use to validate day-to-day product decisions and big-picture ideas. Deloitte, Autodesk, Bosch, and hundreds of other organizations use NEXT to bring their customers into every decision. Learn more at


About Reveall

Reveall is a customer insights platform that helps product teams generate insights from raw customer feedback. Founded in Amsterdam in 2021, Reveall serves a number of industry-leading businesses, including PostNL, Trusted Shops, Signify and the Dutch Government. Learn more at

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